Strategic aspects

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    remain at the forefront of technical resources offered by our industrial sector
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    make sure to choose the best components on the market in terms of reliability, innovation and cost
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    seize opportunities for savings, which directly benefits the client
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    perfect control of our logistics in advance: provisioning and inventory flow
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    have a medium / long-term preview for supplies resources


STI GENLIS has established collaboration with major cable and component global providers, which include SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, ABB, SIEMENS, EATON, PHOENIX CONTACT, WEIDMULLER, WAGO, NEXANS, PRYSMIAN, TKD KABEL, OMERIN, DEUTSCH, RITTAL, etc.

Our relationships with suppliers

As well as with respect to our clients, we give great importance to have exemplary relations with suppliers.

The policy of STI GENLIS is to build relationships of trust, built on durability and transparency. We establish relationships based on mutual need and honesty. We seek and expect rigour, responsiveness and field presence.
STI GENLIS is known for its good financial health and always pays to its suppliers on time.

Our thanks to all who also become our prescribers.

7 surveillance points

STI GENLIS has solid experience in procurement, relationships with suppliers as well as the establishment of collaborations. Having said that, we never stop developing our research.

1.  With regard to the compliance from our suppliers of the key points in our specifications (- if given the case- integrating parameters for our clients).

2. As for our selection criteria we consider: the quality of services from our suppliers, their performance in the delivery time (lead time), reliability in maintaining delivery deadlines.

3. As for tariff negotiations, our purchase volumes allow us to obtain very favourable conditions, from which we benefit our clients.

4. With respect to the application of cooperation protocols.

5. Regarding monitoring and development of our relationships in time, we provide a regular surveillance concerning innovations from our suppliers.

6. With respect to development of partnerships, our selected suppliers are often the best worldwide.

7. All this through a policy of independence and freedom from them.