Two robots of KOMAX, cutting which allow to make the cable cutting automatically, thermal recognition or marking with spray ink, stripping and crimping of capsules and/or contacts, with a level of perfect quality and a very high level of performance.
KOMAX cutting and crimping robot with high precision multi-wire and multiconnection, with integrated crimping quality controls, for pre-assembled wiring. Project funded with the help of the European Union and the Bourgogne Franche Comté region for an amount of 141.06 k €
FEDER• A wide range of mini-applicators for automatic crimping of pressure terminals as well as connections of all types and multiple brands (JST, MOLEX, AMP, STOCKO, etc.).
Two automatic lines SCHLEUNIGER which allow to manufacture cable harnesses in series: uncoiling, cut, automatic stripping and peeling, automatic coiling of long lengths with impeccable quality and a high level of performance, two presses TT KOMAX for simultaneous peeling and crimping, allowing a very high level of quality.
Two TT KOMAX presses for simultaneous stripping and crimping, allowing a very high level of quality
Numerous presses STOCKO and CEMBRE for recovery crimping
• Four recovery peelers
A crimping press for pre-insulated terminals
A stripping SCHLEUNIGER for large sections of electrical cables
• A machine SCHUNK for the realization of ultrasonic junctions, with automotive quality, allowing various electrical filaments to be welded simultaneously without filler
A resin for gear pumps allowing (electrical, electronic) components to be protected by the resin with a high level of sealing and perfect resistance to aggressive fluids (liquids, gases)
• Three welding stations
• A tinning station
• A machine for conditioning cable harnesses in small plastic bags
• A thermal printer for detection WEIDMULLER
• Two thermal printers for labels WAGO END
Pull-out tests
• Automatic crimp height test
• Microscope


• A wide range of crimping pliers
• Couple adjustment tools for electric screwdrivers and tires, ensuring variability at the lowest level


• Many electrical test benches (continuity, dielectric test, etc.) with conformance marking system either by conformance or identification labels in order to ensure product quality 100%.
In agreement with our customers, we extend from year to year 100% testing of products to guarantee 100% compliant delivery.e


► ERP CEGID PMI SOFT on which it is secured the whole management of STI GENLIS and the potential management for our clients (commercial offer, purchasing, inventory management, production management, billing, CRM)
► We have an AQUIWEB MES APS connected to our ERP allowing us to optimally plan orders in our workshops and monitor production performance in real time
► Software EPLAN Electric for development of electrical charts used by our studies section, in order to perform the electrical charts for our clients.
► Software EPLAN HarnessProD for making electrical cable sets in 2D and 3D allowing the modelling of the cable harnesses digitally
► Software EPLAN Pro Panel to make plates and electrical cabinets in 2D and 3D allowing the modelling of plates, electrical cabinets, digitally linked to electrical charts.