Experience, methodology and rigour

• The function of STI GENLIS is to provide efficient and effective technical solutions to industrial companies in the field of cabling and electrical integration
• We have 30 years of experience in the industry, of which more than 10 years as a manufacturer of control units and electrical integrators, we build our performance in the industrialization of electric assembly processes
• Our SME is recognized for paying atttention to its clients, for its reactivity and efficiency system for quality assurance
• The respect for commitments is a strong value in STI GENLIS

Our performance is based on 12 key axes

1. The continuous search for increased productivity
2. An experience from 25 years of work in the car industry
3. An industrial organization of the type 5S, Kanban, lean manufacturing…
4. 3600 m² for workshops and 1,500 m ² for stores, of which the third part is dedicated to our clients (inventories, products awaiting delivery…)
5.powerful ERP which covers the commercial side, production, management and logistics
6. A range of EPLAN programs covering the design of electrical charts, modelling in 2D and 3D for products
7. Last generation materials to ensure the highest level of quality available on the market

8. Recommendations for components and connectors we control perfectly
9. Supplies directly from manufacturers
10. Possible collaboration between our services SD and R&D and your team.
11.quality process and continuous improvement principle (ISO Certification) will ensure full compliance of the product and / or process with a zero deviation, as well as consistent quality: no risk of service degradation
12. Delivery strategy which ensures great flexibility and important responsiveness based on the performance of our management team with a collaborative and permanent 100%

100% of processes are registered in a dynamic of constant performance. At the slightest deviation: alert and correction !

Technology surveillance

► We support our clients through a technological surveillance on the products we make for them.
► Our goal is always to propose the technological advances enabling them become the most competitive.
► STI GENLIS maintains direct business flows with all major equipment manufacturers. Beyond the economic benefit it may confer, the permanent link we have with manufacturers allows us together to tackle our clients problems regularly, in order to capitalize on its technological advances.

Expanded offers

Having woven close ties to companies whose activities are complementary to ours, STI GENLIS is in a position to offer an expanded offer with its full range of activities, including sheet metal, paint, tires, hydraulics, electronics, engines, speed controllers, automata, etc…