Our philosophy: competitiveness and quality

Dominating many skills, STI GENLIS assumes the globality of your order, from the study to the realization of your projects (cabling, cable sets, plates, panels, electrical cabinets, assembly) from the unit to the repetitive series (small or large)
We strive to establish with you profitable and lasting relationships.
See our continuous improvement process
Very attentive to your requests, we try to systematically offer the most successful solutions both technically and economically.
See our commercial methodology below
We provide a permanent technological surveillance. Our management team maintains close and active links with CETIMUIM, the Chamber of Commerce CCI21 and the CCI of Burgundy, Bourgogne Innovation, L’ARDIE, ALIZE of the high Côte d’or, the Club of Businessmen and Industrialists of Plaine de Saône, the University of Technology in Burgundy and the engineering schools ESIREM and ESEOENSMM.
STI GENLIS is a member of the PMT MICROTECHNICS COMPETITIVENESS POLE, and a member of the AEROMICROTECH AERONAUTICAL SPATIAL DEFENSE CLUSTER of Bourgogne Franche-Comté and member of the Innov’Health Cluster.
STI GENLIS guarantees complete confidentiality
STI GENLIS is a PREMIUM member of soustraiter.com

A saving strategy based on key axes

Investment in modern and productive equipment
Computer aided global management [ERP] going from quotation to delivery as well as stock management of finished products
Transparency in price formation: labour, component prices, logistics costs
Searching for productivity benefits, always linked to the notion of total cost (Total cost of ownership) and looking for the optimal
Possible collaboration between our services SD and R&D and your team. For example, when you are considering a range change, initially for your projects, this approach encourages optimal deployment of components in the electrical assembly (cabinets, differential boxes, plates, …). Thus it helps reduce assembly time and quality risks and therefore the costs.
Direct supply from the manufacturers of cables, contacts and connectors to ensure the most competitive prices. We can offer the best value for money and highly optimized solutions in terms of cost. Over 2000 references are kept in stock and tracked by our ERP (PMI CEGID).
A 1500 m² shop that provides specific logistics services, such as kitting, storage, deferred and disaggregated delivery.

The 5500 m² of infrastructure in STI GENLIS are organized by the effort for performance and it is divided as follows :

► 400 m² for offices
► 3600 m² for production workshops
► 1500 m² for warehouses
NB: Our facilities have additional land reserves in the event that the customer needs additional space for specific projects

To receive our clients and prospective clients is part of a commitment to transparent and long-term relationships. This collaboration can be located at different levels of progress in our relations :
► Previous phases of your future projects
► Upon presentation of an offer by us in response to some of your queries
► Cyclically (annual, biennial) at the same time in a comparative way of balance and forward-looking vision

The visit to STI GENLIS, a key step in our relationship

The stages of a meeting in STI GENLIS :

1 Presentation of our management team, details about the organization, projects and functions of teams
Introducing STI GENLIS, its history, its current activities, the means provided, its strategy and its values 2
3 Your presentation and your business, your needs
The presentation of your needs and the details on various aspects (technical, regulatory, logistical, economic, etc. …) There is a time of change with your technical aspects and our technical proposals. We consider alternative proposals, identifying jointly the advantages and limitations. 4
5 After that we visit our production equipment to explain accurately the approached elements. For us it is time to show you our industrial organization, present our workshops, with their industrial equipment, our computer management tools and ERP as well as the implementation of the industrialization processes, quality and logistics.
The visit is completed with access to the project office. Here we present the software package EPLAN: electrical chart (EPLAN Electric P8), 2D/3D modelling for cable sets (EPLAN HarnessPRO), 2D/3D, modelling 2D/3D for plates and electrical cabinets (EPLAN PRO panel). We approach our process for project/engineering Office and purchasing. 6
7 After the visit, we answer your additional questions, we deepen into the other topics of interest and if necessary we begin to put into perspective the key aspects of our cooperation.

When you visit STI GENLIS you are likely to be pleasantly surprised with the human dimension of our company, warmth and seriousness of the contacts, the organization and the rigour of our workshops, as well as the logistics and quality process perfectly identified.

A structured, iterative and communicative commercial strategy

Before offering a quotation

► A careful study of customer needs in order to define as precisely as possible what your goals, needs, constraints, limitations and expectations are
► Studies of plans, specifications, documentation, available prototypes, accompanied by a period of questions and answers
► Where appropriate, the visit to the clients to understand better their specific parameters: trade, production, integration of the product concerned in the set of complete machines
► If necessary, the visit from STI GENLIS as indicated below

Preparation and submission of an offer

► STI GENLIS does not propose several offers, but only one, so that it can be seen as optimal from the beginning. In addition we focus on a higher clarity of content
► Our coding is carried out mainly through databases of our ERP
► We establish a nomenclature and a batch of manufacturing with purchasing prices and cost prices for the components
► We rephrase technical proposals optimized for the best value, with various alternatives
► Our response can integrate different options, along with our recommendations in terms of solutions and not only in terms of product
► The presentation of the offer can be made by sending an e-mail followed by a main telephone contact in order to explain it and get customer feedback. It can also be done by physical delivery during an appointment at the client premises. In particular, this is the case for new prospects
► The guideline is to follow the rhythm of the client, in mutual trust, all this is done to ensure that important decisions are carried out in a fluid but synchronized manner as soon as possible

From client order to billing

► In STI GENLIS, the goal is a client satisfied 100%: quality, time, cost, service
► Our management team offers a “physical monitoring” of production
► If needed, we can keep you informed on the exact status of your orders thanks to our ERP
► Billing within 45 or 60 days. Payment: Bank draft, transfer, direct debit or check

► Maintaining the relationship with the client permanently, a 90% of production from STI GENLIS is recurrent

A total availability of the managers covering all areas: commercial, production, quality, logistics, maintenance, allowing “the connection with the customer” permanently