The 10 key strengths

1. A team

The main strength of STI GENLIS is undoubtedly its human capital

► Our management team, young, dynamic, supportive and involved in the life of the company, ensures a high level of responsiveness and overall quality. Around thirty technicians and production operatives provide you with their great experience and know-how in specialized niches
► They all share a strong sense of belonging to the company and a culture of performance and results
► Priority is given to relations with clients
► Our organization is in the APU (autonomous production units) and is versatile and flexible

2. Our two priorities: reliability + economic performance

The recognized competencies of STI Genlis are:

► Realization of industrial solutions of very high turnkey quality, repetitive or unit
► Constant search for the best value-quality
► The most optimized solution / global cost from medium to long term
► Analysis of research for productivity development, shared with you

3. A positioning based on key axes

► Growth and investment policy + permanent technological control
► Company computerization and global computer-aided business management [ERP]
► Transparency in price formation with the best solutions both technically and economically + Total confidentiality
► 100% of registered processes in a dynamic of constant performance
► A precise experience in the automotive sector that ensures the achievements of the highest quality

4. A significant coverage of industrial sectors

► Transportation: Automotive, electrical recharging stations, heavy vehicles, railroad, farm equipment, lifting systems, military equipment…
► Heat: Heating, air conditioning, heat pumps, ventilation …
► Equipment: Machinery-tools, Special machines, Data centres, handling systems, electronics and electronic components, household appliances, electrical equipment, aerospace, nuclear, medical equipment, sports equipment
► Year after year, the knowledge of STI GENLIS extends to new sectors.

5. A global experience in electrical subcontracting and precision assembly

► Comprehensive consideration of your request, from design to the realization of your projects
► Cabling, cable bundles, plates, control units, electrical cabinets, assemblies
► From units to repetitive series, large or small

6. A national and global action scope

► National Coverage
► Export development, mainly through client markets

7. A design office as generator for added value

► Co-development works treated with the client
► Electrical charts and modelling in 3D
► Development for industrialization solutions

8. A procurement process with global projection

► Established partnerships with leading cable suppliers and global components: SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, ABB, SIEMENS, EATON, PHOENIX CONTACT, WEIDMULLER, WAGO, NEXANS, PRYSMIAN, TKD KABEL, OMERIN, DEUTSCH, RITTAL, etc.

9. Industrial Infrastructure and high performance equipment

5500 m²  in total, of which:
► 3600 m² for production workshops
– Modern high-performance equipment
– Robots, machinery, large equipment, workstations
– Software, test benches, small equipment, mobile tools…
► 1500 m² for warehouses
► 400 m² for offices

10. Logistics dedicated to your daily needs

► Production grouped in a single series, to cover your needs from 6 to 12 months,
► Financial progress and storage of your products,
► Sequenced delivery, depending on your production schedule and volumes you need, Kanban,
►If necessary, direct delivery to your clients/end users