4 main axes

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    Our position as experts leads us to be the engine for suggestions and create an added value.
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    We apply the same rigour whatever the level of the product concerned : from the electrical cabinet to the smallest component, as well as panels, differential boxes, platessimple or complex cable sets and of course cabling.
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    Our organization and our processes always sensure you industrial solutions, including “specific” orders and micro-series
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    We contribute to your competitiveness, delivering solutions that seek to reduce the overall cost of ownership (total cost of ownership) and make an optimal relation for quality/cost

The innovation


Our position to “search of the most innovative solutions” starts from the first contacts, and is based on :

  • our experience deepens in your queries and problems
  • our ability brings to light and broadens the scope of reflection, to share the most comprehensive possible view of the pair need / solution
  • a creativity amplified through 3D modelling
  • our search for more relevant solutions on the basis of our advanced knowledge related to our strong partnership with our suppliers and partners
  • elaboration of single or repeated industrial solutions, providing turnkey (tailor made) and the most optimized (total cost of ownership)

STI GENLIS provides new solutions, genuine innovation and productivity holders.

The global chain of
our services is applied
to all levels of
your needs :

► The components of your products

► The bodies of your products

► The connections of our services with your products

► The complete cabling for machines

Global offer of services from STI Genlis

This chain integrates chronological and potentially the following steps :

  • A phase of co-development for your products, conducted jointly by our project office and yours, in order to find the most efficient and innovative solutions
  • A phase of realization for electrical charts
  • A modelling phase in 3D to facilitate validation steps, to perform virtual prototyping, for use in documentation to facilitate revisions and future versions of your product…
  • A solution development phase of industrialization for your products, both turnkey (tailor made) as well as the most optimized (total cost of ownership)
  • The study and provision of logistics solutions: kitting, delivery process implementation in the short term, implementation of products, implementation of kanban, detailed delivery, deferred delivery…

Maximum computerization and digitization

STI GENLIS controls all levels of the company with a cutting-edge software, maintaining the closest contact with the client (see the process of human resources Management):
It allows to respond instantly and accurately all types of applications: deadlines, stock, availability, pricing, billing, orders, etc…
• Tracking of software EPLAN
It avoids work regarding the physical part and allows the use of 3D simulations which offers numerous advantages, regardless of the type of product concerned: cable sets, plates, panels and electrical cabinets :

  • Creation of circuit charts
  • Immediate design at schematic level
  • Facilitation of prototypes, thanks to digital vision
  • Modularity, versatility, fluency in case of changing client needs
  • Speed in product review and cost incidences
  • Computer transfer of drawings and charts in 2D and 3D together with stakeholders

Our EPLAN software :

  • electrical schematic EPLAN Electric P8,
  • modelling 2D / 3D for cable sets EPLAN HarnessproD,
  • modelling 2D / 3D for electrical plates and cabinets EPLAN Pro Panel

The digitizing of STIGENLIS makes it a company 4.0 at the forefront in its field.