Supplies ready for use

If you want to industrialize your electrical cabling while controlling the quality of crimping, we can offer you “bags of cabling” incorporating all electrical cables and electrical filaments for a machine, a boiler, a compressor, etc.

We manufacture connector blocks of all types and brands. Basically, we supply our electrical cables, our contacts, our connectors directly from manufacturers to ensure a competitive price.
We make sure to find the tightening torque recommended by the manufacturer.

We also offer:

  • Any type of identification regarding tapes, labels, or inkjet labels directly on the power cable
  • Any electrical test you need.

Developmental performance according to your needs

It is very common that our clients evolve within the project entrusted to us. We can, for example, be requested the manufacture of electrical cables or electrical filaments first.

Given the savings generated and the quality of service provided, it is not surprising that the service evolves in its format.

For example, we can then assign the overall achievement of cable sets or electric plates integrating these same electrical filaments or electrical cables concerning our activity as installers and integrators.

STI GENLIS provides the same rigour, the same professionalism, whatever the size / scope of the project entrusted to it.

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