in installation and integration of panels

STI GENLIS has a very modern department for “study and cabling of electrical cabinets and differential boxes” which places it among the installers and integrators of reference at national level. Working on 1,000 m² of new workshops, our highly qualified electro-technicians make the cabling following the rules of the sector and with the utmost respect for current legislation.


As each of our activities, the department of “production of electrical cabinets and differential boxes” / control units is framed in our quality process (Certification ISO 9001).

& experience

Relying on its recognized industrial know-how acquired along 25 years in conducting electrical assemblies in series for industrial groups with an international dimension and to meet the expectations of its clients, STI GENLIS launched in 2011 a department of study and cabling for:

• Electrical cabinets
• Differential boxes
• Electrical boards

single or multiple for the industry and the services sector.


To ensure the provision of more competitive control units, our technicians have access to automated equipment of high performance of the entire production line of STI GENLIS for activity “series” (robots cutting and crimping electric filaments, plotters and printers for filament detection, automatic winding spool for electrical cable, test bench, etc.).

Our study department for cabling of electrical cabinets and differential boxes (manufacturers of control units) also benefits from the EPLAN powerful software to produce custom client electrical charts and virtual representation in 2D and 3D for electrical cable sets, plates, housings, differential boxes, panels and electrical cabinets related to the electrical chart.


At the beginning of our service you may have two possible cases:

Option 1

You want to entrust the study on the performance of your electrical cabinets or differential boxes.

From its software EPLAN Electric P8, STI GENLIS then develops an optimum cabling chart that meets your specifications for the manufacture of your electrical cabinet or differential box. In this case, we are installers and integrators of advisory panels.
Note: If needed, we also offer the option of modelling in 2D / 3D, the implementation and integration of components with our software EPLAN Pro Panel.

Option 2

You provide your cabling chart completed by yourself.

And we will make your electrical cabinets or differential boxes. In this case, we are manufacturers and integrators of borrower control units.

The electrical cabinets, differential boxes and electrical panels are made by:

  • our robots cutting and crimping the electrical filaments
  • our plotters and printers for filaments detection
  • our specialized jobs
  • our production lines
  • our workshop for unit cabling
  • our test benches

End of production circuit

  • STI GENLIS tests each electric cabinet and differential box on the test bench to ensure the perfect quality of produced cabling.
  • Connection of electrical cabinets: custom client, we can connect the cabinet in its place and ensure the implementation with your equipment.

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