We practice classification and industrial packaging in the most varied fields:
• automotive
• high tonnage
• synthetic material
• food
• pharmacology…

We have been able to develop after many years of experience a very specific know-how in the classification for quality and industrial packaging, no matter how complex

Industrial classification – quality classification

Because your image depends on the quality of your products, the control of components or the products themselves in the manufacturing process it is an essential step. STI GENLIS proposes doing this for you and so guaranteeing the quality criteria you are looking for.

The detection of faults and malfunctions must be made as close as possible to the assembly line. In case of failure detected by your means, the knowledge acquired by STI GENLIS solves your quality incident without delay.

In order to process your fault, we consider the following points :

  • Time limits for implementation
  • Costs incurred
  • Implementation of a classification protocol validated by yourself
  • Documentary record of the classification: waste index / batch tracking
  • So the management of these returns can be assumed by our teams.

Deterioration and/or rewrapping of products

  • In its original packaging
  • In a specific packaging (for the supply of production lines, for delivery …)
  • When available, such work-over operations are often the occasion for additional quality control at low cost.
  • Control by weighing the quantities / packaging
  • Batch tracking

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