Multi-sectorial experience

STI GENLIS produces cable sets for the supply of many industrial sectors: air conditioning and heating, vehicles (high tonnage, agricultural, hoists, platforms, cranes, dump trucks, etc.), machine- tools, material handling (conveyors), etc.
We mainly supply our electric cables, our contacts, our connectors directly from the manufacturers, in order to guarantee the most competitive prices.
Integrated in our knowledge as manufacturers and installers of control units, the manufacture of cable sets is an activity in constant development in STI GENLIS. A real experience in sensitive fields is required, particularly with regard to connectivity, control systems and quality assurance.
Electrical tests are possible. We respect the tightening torques specified by the manufacturer.

A comprehensive support strategy

As for the optimization of the cable sets, STI GENLIS assists clients in all stages of product life.

► For the first time in the study phase: assistance in the selection of components, rationalization, product consistency and compliance
► Following the needs of clients, the possibility of modelling in 2D / 3D for the cable sets with our software EPLAN HarnessProD
► In the production phase and throughout the duration of our services: value analysis, product simplification, product adaptation to the standards of certain markets
► At the end of the cycle: equivalence in case of component obsolescence.
► Add-ons after the sale: the documentary and computerized management of STI GENLIS allows to restore the production of any product to sudden needs.

Equipements & production

Each set of electric cables is made by:

• our robots cutting and crimping electrical filaments,
• our plotters and printers for filaments detection,
• our dedicated workstations
• our production lines
• electrical test benches according to client needs

STI GENLIS makes connectors components of all types and brands.
We respect the tightening torque recommended by the manufacturer.
Electrical tests are possible.

Developmental benefits depending on your needs

It is very common that our clients evolve within the project entrusted to us. For example, we are first requested the project to make the electrical cable sets.

Given the quality of service provided and generated savings, our clients feel the need to request more extensive tasks.

For example, they can then request the overall achievement of electrical plates that incorporate these same cable sets.

This can also involve our activity as manufacturers and integrators of control units, thus integrating these electrical cable sets in the electrical boxes or cabinets that we fully produce.
STI GENLIS provides the same rigour, the same professionalism, whatever the size / scope of the project entrusted to it.

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